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Warm Glow

Winter Blues and cold weather got you down? Come in for a Far Infrared Sauna session and get your warm glow back! Infrared light has been shown to help reduce the effects of S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) which can happen out here on the cool and cloudy peninsula. Secondly, the aches and pains we feel […]

It’s the Little Things

Most of us have a vision of our ideal life and if so, it usually requires some changes. Even if we’re not sure what that ideal life is or we have a pretty good life as is, we at least have an idea of a few changes we’d like to make. And usually at least […]

Is Exercise The Only Way To Benefit From Sweat?

Any sweat is beneficial! From Sweat Lodges to modern Infrared Saunas to Hot Yoga to a good old fashioned sweaty workout at the gym, our bodies are designed to eliminate and elevate through sweating. The skin is the largest excretion organ of our body and probably the most underutilized method of getting and staying healthy. […]