It’s the Little Things

Most of us have a vision of our ideal life and if so, it usually requires some changes. Even if we’re not sure what that ideal life is or we have a pretty good life as is, we at least have an idea of a few changes we’d like to make. And usually at least one of those changes is something big. Let’s say it’s better health. This could include weight loss, moving our body more, drinking  more water, getting more sleep, decreasing inflammation, detoxification of both our body and mind (stress), etc. This can seem overwhelming. But when we take one part at a time, and one step a day in that area, we begin to feel better for many reasons.

The first is, we begin to feel better because we are doing something positive for ourselves! We have begun. The second reason we begin to feel better is because we feel the positive results of that action, whether it was getting more sleep or drinking more water or sitting in the infrared sauna! And lastly, an important reason we begin to feel better when we take little steps is that it builds momentum. It builds confidence. It builds hope and we begin to see possibilities again! We do better because we can.

Who knew that by just adding a little lemon essential oil to your water you are beginning to create a life you are in love with?! But it’s true, try it and you’ll see.

Here’s a recipe to get you started~

  • Make a pitcher, it lasts longer. 64oz is ideal
  • Add 8-10 drops (to taste) of lemon essential oil (I recommend doTerra Essential Oils as it is pure and potent) and/or slice up 1-2 cleansed and ripe Meyer Lemons. Store up to 3 days. Try at least 1 tall glass in the morning and another at night.
  • Feel free to play with recipe, adding mint, lime, cucumbers and/or strawberries
  • Benefits include, better hydration (after all we are over 60% water, #muststayhydrated), increased energy, balanced PH (helps fight off inflammation and disease), better skin, tons of Vit C help boost immune system, better digestion, gentle detoxification, and of course weight loss (for a variety of reasons!).
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