Is Exercise The Only Way To Benefit From Sweat?

Any sweat is beneficial!

From Sweat Lodges to modern Infrared Saunas to Hot Yoga to a good old fashioned sweaty workout at the gym, our bodies are designed to eliminate and elevate through sweating. The skin is the largest excretion organ of our body and probably the most underutilized method of getting and staying healthy. Ideally, sweating from 20-40 mins at least 3 times a week will leave you feeling invigorated, rested, cleansed, and balanced.

Here’s a few of the well known benefits of sweating~

  • Stress relieving; increases endorphins, mood regulation, better sleep
  • Improves circulation; cleans out pores, helps to prevent dry skin, gives you a glow and immune boosting
  • Detoxifies; pushes out toxins that are stored in fat, releases salt and calcium so they don’t store in your liver creating stones
  • Weight-loss; increases internal body temperature, burns calories, breaks down fat cells, washes away excess through sweat

So whether you get the benefits of sweat from walking in the sun, a gym workout, hot yoga or relaxing in an infrared sauna, it’s time to get your sweat on!

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